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YES, SOON! We are launching our brand new cookie dough bites online, available to all Canadians. We are also launching new products across North America 🍪👀🎉 .You can sign up to our exclusive #cookieclub waitlist here.

Very, very soon. We’re launching a Kickstarter campaign in early 2024 for our newest innovation that US customers can purchase online! You can sign up to our waitlist here.

We work with a distributor that sells our products to stores across the country - and sometimes product sells out/doesn't make it to shelf quickly. If you plan to go out of your way to pick us up (which I so appreciate 🥹) I suggest calling ahead of time just to make sure they have it in stock. We'll be in most stores across Canada in no time! (you can also recommend Bro Dough to your local shops and they can order us!) 🍪

Bro Dough is kid-friendly, and kid-approved! We use high-quality natural ingredients, and our sugar comes from dates and maple syrup. They won’t be able to tell the difference from the original stuff, we swear.

Yes, we’re totally gluten free! Bro Dough uses certified gluten free oat flour and is made in a certified gluten free facility. We got your back, celiacs (and those who just can’t eat gluten).

Unfortunately all of our products do contain nuts. We use a natural cashew and almond butter blend as our base ingredient. We may come out with nut-free products in the future! 👀

Yes, you bet! We’re 100% vegan and contain only vegan ingredients. Bro Dough is also manufactured in a facility that only makes vegan products.

I hear ya. There’s a couple of reasons for this… We use high quality, natural ingredients that cost more than the other products on shelves. The added protein does make it cost more, and is similar in pricing to most protein bars on shelves. We’re also a small business, and as we grow, price will come down. We hope you can grow with us. 🤗

Our cookie dough is intended to be eaten straight from the package as we don't contain eggs or raw flour. However, you can flatten the balls and bake them for crispy cookies @ 325F for ~13 minutes. 🍪

“Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?”Erica here. I get this question often, and I consider myself a ‘gym bro’ even though I’m a woman. I used to compete in bodybuilding and ‘bro’ is just a term that’s thrown around. The product has protein in it, hence the name ‘Bro Dough.’ Anyone can be a bro. 😉


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